Cosmetic procedures in women over 50 have soared by nearly 70% in a year

According to a report from the UK, post-menopause cosmetic treatments are on the increase. At first, this hardly seems newsworthy, but it’s actually of note that plastic surgery procedures, originally the realm of older patients who wanted to turn back the hands of time with a face lift, have increasingly become the domain of younger patients requesting breast enhancements, liposuction and Brazilian bottoms.

Menopause brings with it a drop in the level of estrogen, contributing to dry and sagging skin. It’s my experience, as the number of older patients has increased over the past several years in my Naples plastic surgery practice, that both nonsurgical and surgical procedures of the face are on the increase. Not only do post-menopausal women have thinner skin, but the lack of estrogen also contributes to a loss of underlying fat and the resorption of bone, resulting in a smaller jaw line that contributes to jowling and sagging around the jaw line.

Many of these patients benefit from lifting of the sagging tissues, but they also need volume restoration to replace lost contours, either by using their own fat or with Sculptra Aesthetic,  which is a long-lasting volumizing agent that stimulates you to make your own collagen. I am a speaker and trainer for Sculptra with over 5 years of experience with the product.  If you think you need a face lift, you may be right, but you might find that the appropriate injection of Sculptra Aesthetic will lift the cheek and jaw area just enough to wait a few years for a surgical intervention.  Only a visit in my Naples plastic surgery office will help you decide. It’s something to think about as the holidays roll around and the inevitable photos are taken.

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