CoolSculpting® Elite: The Perfect Pre-Wedding Procedure

CoolSculpting Elite treatments can help improve brides’ natural contours and feel better in their wedding dresses. One such patient of mine, Anna, was profiled in the video on this page by NBC 2 as she underwent the procedure to reduce her love handles before her big day.

A CoolSculpting Elite procedure is performed in-office and doesn’t require an overnight stay. The treatment is comfortable and takes about an hour per area. Afterward, patients can get back to their regular activities immediately. Over the next 2 to 4 months, the treated fat cells die in a natural process and are metabolized by the body. Patients who undergo CoolSculpting Elite can expect a fat loss of about 25% in the treated area.

Patients love how the convenient treatments and lack of downtime don’t interfere with their busy pre-wedding schedules. CoolSculpting Elite treatments are also more affordable than surgical options such as liposuction — a big help for saving for the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon.

And CoolSculpting Elite treatments aren’t just for brides. I’ve treated grooms, mothers of the bride, and others who also want to look their best on this special day for everyone involved.

One tip to keep in mind if you’re considering a CoolSculpting Elite procedure before a wedding: Results take a few months to appear. That means you’ll need to schedule a treatment well in advance, although we have 2 machines that we can use simultaneously to cut your treatment time in half. You should also keep the gradual development of results in mind for dress fitting, as your size will change.

If you’d like to slim down for your upcoming nuptials without surgery, contact us so we can schedule treatments that fit into your plans.

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