Choosing a Plastic Surgeon? Avoid These 3 Red Flags

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon sign

If you’re researching plastic surgeons in Naples or elsewhere, you know how overwhelming the process of finding a good one can be. Although some red flags, such as a litany of poor online reviews, are obvious, others may be harder to spot. Keep an eye out for these 3 important ones:

Red Flag No. 1: Promising Results or Prices That Sound Too Good to Be True

We’ve all heard the expression “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Nowhere is this old adage more appropriate than in the world of plastic surgery. We’ve all seen ads promising miraculous results with words such as “eliminate,” “erase,” and “guarantee.” The truth is that there are no real guarantees in plastic surgery. Each procedure — and each patient — is different. A skilled surgeon using proven techniques can indeed create some amazing, life-changing results. But be wary of any surgeon who promises incredible outcomes or incredible discounts. It is important to keep your budget in mind, but someone offering bargain-basement prices is probably sacrificing other priorities, such as your safety.

Red Flag No. 2: No Before-and-After Photos

Thanks to the Internet, prospective patients can easily access a surgeon’s before-and-after photos on his or her website. If your chosen surgeon doesn’t have photos on his or her website, you should be offered an album during your consultation. If your surgeon doesn’t have any before-and-after photos, or if he or she refuses to share them, it’s likely a good idea to look elsewhere.

Red Flag No. 3: Not Board Certified in Plastic Surgery

When a plastic surgeon is board certified, it means he or she has undergone rigorous evaluation in plastic surgery and has proven him or herself to be competent in a variety of surgical scenarios. Although it’s legal for anyone with a medical license to perform plastic surgery, it’s not ideal. Be on the lookout for the terms “cosmetic surgeon” and “aesthetic surgeon” — these are often used to denote a doctor who performs cosmetic surgery without board certification in plastic surgery. To check if your doctor is certified, visit The American Board of Plastic Surgery online.

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