Changing Out Your Implants

In my years practicing plastic surgery in Fort Myers, Florida, I’ve talked with many people who believe that breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years. While you should always follow your breast augmentation surgery with periodic checkups, this commonly applied expiration date is really no more than a myth.

That said, certain situations do, in fact, warrant a consultation with your surgeon to explore the possibility of replacing your implants. I advise my patients to consider changing their implants if:

  • They decide they prefer a different style or size of implant
  • They encounter a complication warranting removal of their existing implants
  • Their breast augmentation surgery resulted in an unsatisfactory appearance

If you’re thinking about changing your implants because of problems with rippling, implant migration, bottoming out or capsular contracture, you might be a good candidate for Strattice™. I’ve frequently performed this technique, which involves an acellular dermal graft. Strattice can be used very effectively to reinforce your natural breast tissue and help support the implant, creating a smoother, more natural looking and longer lasting result.

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