Beauty Trends Seen In Our Plastic Surgery Practice

In our plastic surgery office in Naples, we often see trends with our patients that correspond with what is happening in the beauty and fashion world at large.  This summer we have noticed two big trends: the “thigh gap” and long lashes.

The Thigh Gap

Instagram use has exploded over the last year.  Anyone who has spent time scrolling through this app may have noticed the “thigh gap” fashionable models and red carpet starlets seem to “naturally” possess. Thankfully, there is a needle-free way to help achieve this look – CoolSculpting.  With a single, two hour treatment, CoolSculpting is an easy way to contour the inner thighs by freezing away stubborn fat.  Results are noticeable as early as three weeks after treatment, and within 4 months patients have those enviable Instagram thighs.

Labiaplasty Surgery Goes Beyond Cosmetic Concerns

Natural Beauty & Eye Lash Extension Alternatives

Natural beauty is the hot thing in makeup today. There’s an emphasis on luminous skin, full eyebrows, and long eyelashes.  Many of our patients are relying on eyelash extensions, which provide a beautiful result, but can be expensive and time consuming to maintain.  Our patients come to us looking for ways to emphasize the beauty of their natural lashes.  LATISSE is an excellent way to stimulate natural lashes to become longer, fuller, and darker.  With continued use, many patients find they no longer need extensions or expensive mascaras to achieve the beautiful lashes they covet. Learn more about LATISSE

lashes before Latisse treatment


What trends are you seeing and wondering about?

Let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll help you figure out how to get the look yourself.

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