Beauty Comes From Within?


As plastic surgery professionals, we of course recognize the importance and value of surgical and non-surgical treatments for maintaining a beautiful, youthful appearance.  However, the old adage that “beauty comes from within” rings true as well.

Every day in our Naples office, we see patients of all ages with luminous, glowing skin.  The secrets to defying age remain consistent with all of our patients: sun protection and a healthy lifestyle (with genetics playing a small part as well, but we’ll focus on the things we can change). In Florida, we are constantly bombarded with harmful UVA and UVB rays.  Even just driving in the car, the sun penetrates through the glass, affecting our skin.  It is imperative to wear sunscreen, rain or shine, and don’t neglect your arms and décolletage.

Using products such as a retinol and antioxidant also play a significant role in the health and beauty of the skin.  Collagen in our skin is the lifeblood of a lifted, tight face.  Sun destroys collagen and impairs the body’s ability to make more.  Careful sun protection and the use of skin care products allow our body’s innate collagen to remain strong and tight.

We all know making healthy food choices and exercising regularly are important.  Smart choices help us maintain our figures, but they also contribute to healthy skin, hair, and nails.  The importance of drinking water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables can’t be overstated.  These foods contain antioxidants that fight harmful free radicals, important factors in our quest to stay young.

While we haven’t yet discovered the fountain of youth, we do have many opportunities, on a daily basis, to perhaps find our own “youth serum”.  Smart lifestyle choices are proven ways to stay healthy, youthful, and beautiful, from the inside out!

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