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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonial Thank You Card

Dear Dr. Hasen & Staff,
Just a little way to say "Thank You"! I'm sure throughout the history of your practice you will have some of "those" patients & I'm sure I've fit the description!

Sarah, the first contact I made in the office, you did a beautiful job of making me feel at ease. Thank you!

Nina, without you I'd never have gone through the surgery sane! Your patience and care is exceptional! Thank you!

Nyvia, what can I say? I'm sure you've heard it all, and that was probably from my mouth alone! Thanks for not laughing when I had to stand in front of you in my glory photos! Thank you!

Dr. Hasen, of course I never had a doubt about the beauty of your work! I Love my new "Girls"! Never did I think I would look in the mirror and like what I saw! Thank you!

You've done the impossible.....treat me as a patient! ha-ha! All the best to you, your family, & your growing practice! Don't change a thing because as a team, You Are the Best!

Love, Kelly

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