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Scarless Breast Reduction

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Defining theNew You

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  • Patients with heavy, sagging breasts often associated with breast pain, shoulder pain, back pain, nipple numbness, and shoulder grooves from heavy bra straps.
  • Patients usually have nipples that are below the breast crease.
  • Patients with a majority of the breast volume that sags into the lower portion of the breast.
  • Patients who desire a more youthful appearance to the breasts.
  • Patients who want increased breast comfort.
  • Patients who desire a better fit in clothing.

If you are seriously considering breast reduction surgery and you live near our Naples office, we invite you to contact us for more information or to schedule your consultation. Be sure to register online for a special consultation savingsconsultation savings.

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The Procedure

  • Dr. Hasen, operating in our fully-accredited, private surgery suite in Naples, Florida, uses liposuction in a special technique to remove excess fat in the breast while preserving the breast gland, nerves and blood vessels. The liposuction can promote contraction of the skin and molding down around a reduced size of breast gland.
  • General anesthesia can be used and it takes about one to two hours.
  • The only incision is very small (3 mm) and hidden in the crease below the breast.
  • As the breast shrinks and skin contracts, it is moved to a higher and more youthful position on the chest wall.
  • The nipples and areolae become smaller and are elevated to a higher position by the tissue contraction.
  • The only dressing is a surgical bra.
  • This procedure can be combined with other surgeries such as liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, and legs, or a tummy tuck.
  • If you'd like to improve the appearance of your nipples, Dr. Hasen can easily incorporate a nipple reduction into your breast reduction. Using this simple technique, he reduces the size or projection of one or both nipples to improve their appearance. View real before‐and‐after photos to understand the results that are possible with this procedure.

The Recovery

  • Usually outpatient basis, so you can go home after several hours.
  • You can shower on the day after surgery.
  • Pain is minimal and is easily controlled by medications.
  • Swelling is mild to moderate for the first week, and rapidly disappears thereafter.
  • Some lumpiness which disappears in about six weeks.
  • Usually only very mild or no bruising.
  • Breasts are smaller and normally shaped right away and just get smaller and higher in time as the tissue heals.
  • Resume many activities within the first week, and most activities by the second week after surgery.
  • You will likely only need to be off of work for one to two days.

The Result

  • No readily visible scars.
  • Elevated, full, and beautiful size and shape to the breasts.
  • Very natural result that usually improves with time.
  • Full normal sensation and the ability to breast feed later.
  • Softness and natural bounce that persists.
  • Much better proportion and fit into clothing.
  • Ability to exercise and engage in strenuous activities much more comfortably.
  • Natural and presentable appearance immediately after surgery which improves over the next three to six months

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