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Crisalix 4D Augmented Reality

Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics LogoOur photo galleries are excellent tools if you want to see the results Dr. Hasen has achieved on former patients at his plastic surgery practice in the Naples-Fort Myers area. But when it comes to picturing how you might look, nothing is better than viewing a virtual image of your own body or face. As one of the few plastic surgeons in Naples-Fort Myers using the Crisalix 4D augmented reality imaging system, Dr. Hasen offers his patients the opportunity to see virtual results and preview how they might look after a cosmetic surgery procedure.

A New Dimension in Plastic Surgery

Even after deciding to pursue plastic surgery, you still have to make choices involving the procedure itself. For example, if you’re having breast augmentation, you need to make the important decision about the size and shape of your breast implants. Rhinoplasty patients need to decide about the final shape of their noses.

Many patients find it difficult to communicate in words exactly what they want and find the Crisalix’s 4D images help them describe the look they envision. The Crisalix uses scanned photos so you can preview different options. The opportunity to “see” your potential results before surgery is a primary reason why the Crisalix imaging system is so popular with Dr. Hasen’s patients.


How Does Crisalix 4D Work?

The Crisalix augmented reality imaging system combines advanced software and a scanner to produce 4D images of a patient’s body or face. For example, the images can show the specific dimensions of a patient’s breasts and then simulate what the breasts may look like with different sized implants.

We begin creating the images by taking pictures of you and then uploading them to the Crisalix software, which creates an augmented realty image showing your body or face from multiple angles. Dr. Hasen can then select different sizes of implants so you can see the potential results. What sets this system apart from similar imaging systems is that instead of seeing only part of your 3D torso on a computer, you can discover yourself on a large screen as if on a mirror. The “augmented reality” is more realistic than other systems. The experience is similar to trying on clothes in a department store and viewing yourself in a mirror.

Doctor holding tablet using Crisalix with woman standing in front of a tv to see the results via augmented reality

Patients can get a “virtual” preview of their results using the Crisalix system.

Who Can Benefit from Using Crisalix 4D?

The versatile system can capture images for patients undergoing a variety of cosmetic procedures.

Whether a patient is getting a nose job or a facelift or trying to decide whether to combine facial rejuvenation procedures, the Crisalix system helps provide both straight-on and profile perspectives of how the final results could look.

Women considering breast augmentation and breast lift surgery can take advantage of the Crisalix imaging system’s capabilities to see the possible outcome and establish realistic expectations for their procedures.

A patient who comes in for a body contouring procedure, such as liposuction, can get a glimpse of what his or her new physique may look like after surgery.

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