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Breast Enhancement With Fat Transfer

In the past, women who underwent breast reconstruction after mastectomy usually chose to rebuild their breasts using implants or a flap of tissue taken from elsewhere on the body. Dr. Hasen’s breast reconstruction patients in the Naples-Fort Myers area can choose a third option: fat grafting, also called fat transfer. This innovative treatment has numerous benefits for the right patient, and can help to restore a woman’s femininity during a difficult time.

To find out more about the use of fat grafting to enhance the breasts, request a consultation with Dr. Hasen online or call (239) 262-5662 today.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

  • Women, particularly those undergoing radiation therapy for cancer, who would like to begin the breast reconstruction process immediately rather than delaying it until cancer treatment is complete.
  • Those who would prefer not to get breast implants or those who had only a small amount of breast tissue removed during cancer treatment and don’t need implants.
  • Women who would rather not have autologous tissue (flap) reconstruction due to scarring, length of surgery, or required downtime.
  • Patients who have areas of unwanted fat elsewhere on their bodies.

In the future, Dr. Hasen’s breast augmentation patients in the Naples, FL area may also benefit from fat transfer techniques as they continue to improve. Fat transfer can be used in place of breast implants or in conjunction with them to produce smooth breast contours around an implant.

The Procedure

Dr. Hasen’s fat transfer breast reconstruction protocol is based on the research and teachings of Dr. Roger Khouri from Miami, who is renowned for his success with these procedures. Dr. Hasen performs fat transfer for breast reconstruction patients in multiple stages to produce the best results. Because fat transfer requires fat cells be removed from one area of the body (usually the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks), the first step in the surgical process is liposuction. Dr. Hasen works with the Naples, FL cancer treatment team selected by each of his patients in a coordinated effort. Once he processes and purifies the fat removed during liposuction, he injects it into the breasts immediately after the mastectomy surgery. Dr. Hasen carefully injects the fat into the muscle and around the breast tissue on the top, bottom, and sides.

Nipple reduction can also easily be incorporated into your surgical plan. Dr. Hasen reduces the size or improves the appearance of nipples that are naturally long or have lost their shape over time. You can see results of this simple technique in our before‐and‐after gallery.

After all fat transfer procedures, either for the breasts, buttocks, or facial enhancement, some of the fat that is injected gets naturally absorbed by the body rather than staying in place. To prevent this absorption during breast reconstruction and to encourage more of the fat to “take,” Dr. Hasen has his patients use the BRAVA® system, a special bra that places sustained tension on the breasts to encourage circulation and tissue expansion. After wearing this bra for several weeks, patients return for a second round of fat transfer around 3 months after the prior treatment and sometimes a third after a few more months depending on their results.

This multi-staged procedure allows Dr. Hasen to achieve beautiful, natural-looking contours as the breasts heal and fat settles over time. Fat transfer can also be done even if the patient is still undergoing radiation therapy, which isn’t always the case with reconstruction using breast implants.

The Recovery

Like most breast reconstruction methods, fat transfer reconstruction requires multiple procedures and multiple periods of downtime. However, fat grafting is less invasive than reconstruction involving a flap of tissue from elsewhere on the body.

Patients may need to stay overnight in the hospital after the initial surgery, and drains may be used for the first few days to prevent fluid buildup. Patients usually feel well enough to return to most regular activities after 1 to 2 weeks, and they can resume exercise or more strenuous activities slowly thereafter.

Dr. Hasen coordinates all follow-up appointments with oncologists and other members of a patient’s medical team to ensure a comfortable and healthy recovery.

Dr. Hasen specializes in vaginal rejuvenation procedures to help improve your comfort and confidence, inside and out.

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The Result

With each round of fat transfer, a patient’s results improve. One of the most significant benefits of fat transfer reconstruction is how natural results look and feel.

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