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Labiaplasty Before & After Photos

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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This 25 year old woman sought cosmetic labia surgery (labia rejuvenation or labiaplasty) in Naples, Florida.  She saw the results on the website ... more


This 22 year old female came from over 1 hour north of Naples to have labiaplasty surgery with Dr. Hasen because she was impressed with the before and... more


This 29 year old female from Ft. Myers, Florida found Dr. Hasen in Naples, Florida when researching labiaplasty in Southwest Florida on Google.  ... more


This 27 year old woman was concerned with the appearance of her labia minora.  She did not like how large they were.  The labia caused probl... more


This 23 year old female from Ft. Myers, Florida sought reduction of her labia minora commonly called Labiaplasty in Naples, Florida.  She found D... more

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Please keep in mind that every person heals differently and individual results may vary. Viewing these photos in no way guarantees a certain result for yourself or others and, thus, no written or implied warranty can be offered.

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