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FDA Approved for Natural Correction of Facial Lines & Wrinkles

There is a trend in plastic surgery for less invasive and non-surgical correction of aging changes, especially in the face. There has been a lot of press recently about several new facial fillers. Some of these fillers are long lasting and others can be permanent. With so many different fillers out there it is hard to sort through each of them. The facial filler with the largest market share in the world market has just been FDA approved in the United States. Restylane is now FDA approved for natural correction of facial lines and wrinkles. Impressions of beauty change with time - as do our faces as we age. With Restylane, you can have a natural beauty lift with the body's own material. Restylane is a crystal-clear, non-animal, biodegradable gel based on a natural substance, called hyaluronic acid. The gel is injected into the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. The result is instantaneous and produces a long-lasting, natural enhancement, gentle and safe to your skin. Restylane is made in Sweden and has been successfully used in over a million people in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Smoothing out folds and wrinkles by adding volume can make an enormous difference to your appearance. With Restylane, facial rejuvenation can be carried out without the use of foreign elements. When treating wrinkles or folds, Restylane is injected into the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. The injected gel produces natural volume under the wrinkle, which is lifted up and smoothed out. The results can be seen immediately. Treating wrinkles with Restylane is fast and safe and leaves no scars or other traces on the face.

A Restylane wrinkle treatment is long-lasting but not permanent. This means that you always have the option to assess your looks. The length of time a treatment maintains its effect is very individual and depends on many factors, such as your age, skin type, life-style and muscle activity, as well as the injection technique. Experience shows that Restylane can be effective for up to one year or more after the treatment of wrinkles. Most patients choose to have a follow-up treatment six to twelve months after the initial treatment of wrinkles.

Achieving the look you desire is as easy as it is quick. The result is instantaneous. No previous skin test is needed, which means that you can have the treatment immediately. The session often takes less than thirty minutes. The time differs somewhat depending on the correction you want to have performed.

Restylane is a safe product, made of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in the body. Restylane is the first FDA-approved, non-animal, stabilized, injectable hyaluronic acid for aesthetic use. As it is free from animal substances, the risk of transmitting diseases from other species is completely eliminated. The efficacy and safety of RESTYLANE have been demonstrated in extensive clinical studies.

After the treatment some common injection-related reactions may occur, such as swelling, redness, pain, itching, discoloration and tenderness at the injection site. These typically resolve spontaneously within a few days after injection into the skin and within a week after the injection into the lips.

Other types of reactions are very rare, but about 1 in 2000 treated patients have experienced localized reactions thought to be of a hypersensitive nature. These have usually consisted of swelling at the injection site, sometimes affecting the surrounding tissues. Redness, tenderness and rarely acne-like formations have also been reported. These reactions have either started a few days after the injection or after a delay of two to four weeks, and have generally been described as mild to moderate and self-limiting with an average duration of two weeks.

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