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Silky Skin, Stat! Quick New Fixes in Cosmetic Surgery

Gulfshore Life - November 2003

Recent innovations in technology have created the Thermacool, a machine that uses radio-frequency energy to encourage the body to create new collagen. The technique, called Thermage, allows those who might not yet be ready for a traditional full face-lift to see some improvement in skin that is beginning to sag and lose elasticity.

Dr. Kent Hasen of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Naples was the first in Southwest Florida to begin using the machine, and has performed the procedure - seen in the pages of Vogue and Allure, and on CNN and Good Morning America - on his own mother.

"Eighty percent (of patients) have good results, with at least moderate tightening of jowling and neck-skin laxity," he says. He also credits the procedure with lessening some hooding of the eyes and achieving a certain amount of brow lifting.

The machine, a non-laser, non-ablative, non-invasive source of uniform heat, cools the surface of the skin while simultaneously sending deep heat in the form of radio frequency waves into the dermis, or deeper layers of skin. The heat breaks down the body's natural proteins, and over the next few months the body starts rebuilding the protein in the form of collagen fibers, leading to tighter skin.

The procedure can be performed in an hour or less, depending on how much of the face is treated, and is "much cheaper" than traditional facelifts, notes Hasen. And while there may be some initial swelling and slight rosiness to the skin, most patients can go right back to their normal activities. Results may last two to five years, though the technology is new enough that extended tests have not yet been performed.

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