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Caring Compassion - è Bella Magazine - June, 2011

Dr. Kent V. Hasen provides reconstructive surgery for cancer patients who would otherwise be unable to afford it.

By Molly McGuire Caldaro from è Bella Magazine

Dr. Kent Hasen is a Neapolitan plastic surgeon with a big heart for helping cancer patients, particularly breast cancer patients. It's a cause close to his heart; his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer while he was in medical school and he saw how beneficial reconstructive surgery was towards her recovery. The impact made a lasting impression and he currently partners with Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Support, Inc. to help underinsured women have the same experience.

Bosom Buddies covers the cost to have a surgeon remove a tumor, but the organization can't afford reconstruction, which typically consists of three surgeries and multiple office visits, so Dr. Hasen provides these services at no cost. Generally, they arrange for one deserving woman to receive the reconstruction each year. "He doesn't do it for any accolades or rewards. He does it from the kindness of his heart," says Joetta Abbazio, Bosom Buddies president. "He treats all of his reconstruction patients with such kindness and tenderness, as he treats all of his other patients."

Growing up, medicine seemed a natural fit for a student who earned good grades in math and science. After graduating from Indiana University, Dr. Hasen attended medical school at Cornell and his mother underwent treatment for breast cancer. "To see how she did with the breast reconstruction, how that helped her through the breast cancer part of it, that piqued my interest towards plastic surgery," he says. That interest was amplified by Cornell's good mentor system with great plastic surgeons. "Medicine was not a right or wrong answer," says Dr. Hasen. "I like being able to fix problems in a definitive way."

After graduating, he went into an integrated residency program in both general surgery and plastic surgery involving three years of training in each and one year of research. He was set up with his future wife, Dellene, by one of her friends that worked with him in the plastic surgery department. She was the special events coordinator for the department of general surgery. "We tried to meet up probably four or five times for a date, but with residency obligations, we constantly would have to reschedule. I think she was ready to give up on me," he recalls.

Eventually schedules coincided, allowing the pair to attend a concert together. "It was a good first date," he says. The couple dated for several years as he finished his residency and married the week before 9/11. After completing his program, he accepted a fellowship in Miami with prominent plastic surgeons before the couple decided to settle in Naples. Dr. Hasen's parents had retired here, but his wife's parents were still near Chicago. "We loved the area and opportunities seemed better here," he says of their choice.

The Hasens have three children: Kendall, Kade and Kennedy, ages seven, five and three, respectively. "It's so neat to see them grow up. Obviously the interaction of the three of them around our house is a little crazy," Dr. Hasen says. The family enjoys the beach and dinners with other families that live in their neighborhood. With small children, his hobbies tend to be their hobbies – dance for the girls and football for his son. "We do a lot of birthday parties," he says. "Weekends are mostly going to Chuckie Cheese, Pump It Up, My Gym – all those different places."

Dr. Hasen and his wife work together in his Naples practice. She is the organized one of the pair and handles the aesthetics and ensures cohesive branding in their marketing. He likes to find new technologies that will enhance the patient experience, like 3D imaging. Their office is entirely paperless and they're integrating a program called TouchMD so patients can access all of their consultation information electronically at home. "I like to try to find the new things that do work and bring them in," he says.

He recently became the Medical Director of Skin Renewal Systems on Marco Island and likes being able to provide convenient care to Marco residents. He's also involved in Collier County's Physician Led Access Network (PLAN), through which he has performed reconstruction surgery for underinsured patients with facial skin cancer. Overall, Dr. Hasen finds these reconstruction cases to be the most gratifying; beyond patients recovering from cancer, he gives an example of a car accident victim that needed extensive reconstruction on her leg. Compassionate and caring, Dr. Hasen provides patients with the opportunity to just feel normal again. It's a huge gift with a lifelong impact.

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