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Plastic Surgeon Comments on Advancements in Body Contouring

Dr. Kent V. Hasen, a plastic surgery specialist near Fort Myers, explains how body contouring procedures have developed to create more natural-looking results. The key, he says, is to choose a specialist with advanced training.

Naples, Florida (September 2012) – Body contouring has become the fastest-growing field in aesthetic surgery, and Dr. Kent V. Hasen (, a well-regarded provider of plastic surgery near Fort Myers, has been active in that field for more than a decade. The key, he says, is to choose the right doctor: a specialist with advanced training who uses the newest techniques to achieve natural-looking results.

"Body contouring – from liposuction for smoothing a few curves to abdominoplasty after massive weight loss – has come a long way in recent years," Dr. Hasen says. "For major-weight-loss patients, we can combine several procedures on various areas of the body. For example, we can perform a breast lift or breast augmentation at the same time as a tummy tuck. We offer a 'no-drain' tummy tuck with progressive tension sutures for a quicker, easier recovery. These patients typically have a natural and presentable appearance by the end of the first week, with continuing improvement during the next several months.

"Our clients want to live their lives. That's why they ask for our help. They know that with us, they'll be enjoying their new appearance as quickly as possible."

Dr. Hasen excelled in his medical studies at Cornell University and completed a highly competitive residency at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, where he won several prestigious awards and trained in all areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Aesthetic surgery, however, is his passion. He has a background in aesthetics, having studied Italian art and literature in addition to biology and chemistry as an undergraduate. That passion is reflected both in his surgical results and in his commitment to giving back to the community. Working with Bosom Buddies and Collier County's "We Care" organization, he offers his services to uninsured patients who need breast reconstruction and post-cancer skin reconstruction. His excellent work has earned him a reputation as one of the leading plastic surgeons in the Fort Myers area.

"When choosing a doctor," Dr. Hasen says, "experience is not enough. You need a specialist who stays up to date, someone who understands the most advanced methods, and someone who will listen to you. Your procedure should be customized to your needs.

"I've worked hard to achieve the diverse and highly respected practice I maintain today. If you're ready for an arm or thigh lift, liposuction or a tummy tuck in Naples, then I look forward to talking to you."

If you are seriously considering a tummy tuck in Naples or Fort Myers, we invite you to contact us for more information or to schedule your consultation. Be sure to register online for a special consultation savingsconsultation savings.

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