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Our practice is dedicated to offering men and women a range of innovative, non-invasive fat reduction treatments as liposuction alternatives for patients in the Naples-Fort Myers area. SculpSure is an FDA-cleared treatment that in a single 25-minute session can reduce fat that causes the appearance of a “muffin top” and love handles.

SculpSure destroys fat cells using light-based energy that heats the cells without harming your skin.1 There is no downtime, and Dr. Kent V. Hasen customizes your treatment based on your specific concerns.

If you want to learn more about SculpSure or the other non-surgical fat reduction treatments Dr. Hasen offers, request a consultation using the online form, or call our office at (239) 262-5662 to schedule an appointment.

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Who Is a Good Candidate?

  • Men and women in good overall health concerned about bulges on the flanks (“love handles”) and in the abdominal area that exercise and a healthy diet can’t reduce
  • Patients who are at or near their target weights; SculpSure is not a weight-loss procedure
  • Patients who would rather not have liposuction

Before & After Photos

Select thumbnails below for a larger view or visit our photo gallery of Dr. Hasen’s patients before and after SculpSure.

Before and AfterBefore
Before and AfterAfter

This patient is shown before and 6 weeks after 1 SculpSure treatment of the flanks and abdomen.*

Before and AfterBefore
Before and AfterAfter

This patient is shown before and 6 weeks after 1 SculpSure treatment of the abdomen.*

Photos courtesy of Cynosure. *Your results may vary.

The Procedure

A SculpSure treatment is similar in some ways to another popular fat reduction system called CoolSculpting®, which we also offer, except SculpSure heats fat cells to gradually kill them instead of using cool temperatures. Some patients my find one or the other more suitable for their needs. With both procedures, the immune system steps in after treatment to clear the body of damaged fat cells, causing the treated area to shrink.

Other details of the SculpSure procedure include:

  • Treatments take about 25 minutes.
  • You may feel a tingling sensation intermittently during the procedure, but most patients don’t require an anesthetic.
  • Applicators can be customized for specific treatment areas.
  • During the first few minutes, the SculpSure device heats the area to the target temperature.
  • At the same time the fat is being heated, the applicator head chills the skin’s exterior.
  • It’s appropriate for all skin types because the procedure doesn’t trigger any skin reaction.
  • A laser sustains the heating of fatty tissue.
  • A single treatment is often enough to get the desired results.

A flat panel lays against your skin and delivers heat energy to the targeted area, essentially melting the fat cells below. SculpSure includes 4 applicator heads, meaning Dr. Hasen and our team can treat multiple areas simultaneously.

The SculpSure Experience

*Your results may vary.

The Recovery

  • No recovery time is needed after treatment.
  • You can return to work or your normal daily activities immediately after leaving our practice.
  • You can expect to engage in your normal exercise routine the same day.


Sculpt a better butt and more defined abs. Discover the latest in nonsurgical body contouring. See the undeniable results.

Learn More


Sculpt a better butt and more defined abs. Discover the latest in nonsurgical body contouring. See the undeniable results.

Learn More

The Results

  • Improvement appears gradually, with results beginning to be visible after 4 weeks and with optimal results in about 3 months.1
  • SculpSure typically provides noticeable fat reduction in the treatment area after one session. Additional treatment sessions can increase fat reduction. Dr. Hasen develops a treatment plan based on your specific needs and discusses your options for multiple treatment sessions.
  • Patients see smoother, slimmer, firmer body contours.
  • With healthy diet and regular exercise, patients can maintain these improved contours.
  • Although most patients are thrilled with their results, if you have larger pockets of fat, you may want to consider liposuction. Although liposuction is a surgical procedure, it can achieve a more dramatic improvement.
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Our one-of-a-kind, board-certified physician assistant combines her medical training with extensive aesthetic training to provide nonsurgical treatments ranging from injectables and laser skin resurfacing to CoolSculpting® and Ultherapy®. Our patients love Brandie!

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1Decorato JW, Sierra R, Chen B, Subcutaneous adipose tissue response to a non-invasive hyperthermic treatment using a 1,060 nm laser, Lasers Surg Med. 2017 Jan 19. doi: 10.1002/lsm.22625.

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