Kent V. Hasen, MD: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Med Spa of Naples
3699 Airport Pulling Road North
Naples, FL 34105
Phone: (239) 262-5662
Monday-Friday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Our Staff is Serious About Safety & Beauty


Dr. Hasen Serious about Safety & Beauty
We are “Serious About Safety & Beauty.” Behind every PPE wearing staff member is a smiling professional serious about your safety while enhancing your beauty. You may not see our smiles behind our masks. But, they are there, and ready to greet you, along with expanded safety measures. More appointments and extended hours are now available for our patients. 

Please help us to keep everyone safe with the following steps when you arrive: 

  1. KLARA MESSAGE or CALL 239.262.5662 from your vehicle to inform us you have arrived. 
  2. STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE UNTIL NOTIFIED via KLARA Messaging or by phone. We will inform you when ready.
  3. PLEASE ENTER ALONE WEARING A MASK. There is assistance available should you require it. 

Thank You from
Kent V. Hasen M.D. and our seriously friendly staff


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