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Local vs General Anesthesia for Cosmetic Procedures

Many patients prefer to have their procedures performed under local, rather than general, anesthesia. In my Naples, FL plastic surgery office, I’m not a fan of performing breast augmentation, facelift or abdominoplasty under local anesthesia; not because it cannot be done, but because it leads to unnecessary pain and suffering for the patients and because it makes the surgery more difficult, as the surgeon has to not only focus on the surgical procedure, but also focus on the patient’s comfort, which is distracting, and possibly take focus from the task at hand.  Therefore, I tend to only do the most minimal surgeries under local anesthesia, such as mole excision, touch up liposuction, scar revisions, etc.

Since I have my own AAAASF certified OR, I find it safer and more pleasant for my patients to benefit from my trained anesthetist, who is very skilled in the art of deep sedation without gas anesthesia.  By using Propofol, Fentanyl and Versed in combination with the BIS monitor (an anesthesia monitor that measures how deeply asleep a patient is with a certain amount of anesthetic), my patients can be sedated safely and deeply without many of the common drawbacks and dangers of gas inhalational general anesthetics including post-aesthesia nausea and vomiting, malignant hyperthermia trigger, throat pain from endotracheal tube, or as many concerns about deep vein thrombosis (blood clots).

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