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The Downsides of Feeling Fat

Is feeling fat just as detrimental to your quality of life as actually being fat? According to NewBeauty Magazine, people who merely think they are fat suffer a lower quality of life as compared to people who think they are a healthy weight. The study, which was administered in Germany, asked 7,000 adolescents to assess their bodies on a scale ranging from “far too thin” to “far too fat”. The subjects were also questioned about their quality of life in … Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

A new study shows that you may not know the back of your hand just as well as you think. Scientists have recently found that the human brain contains highly distorted perceptions of the size and shape of our hands. The study, which was performed at University College London, found that most people perceive their hands to be shorter and fatter than they really are. The work could be a link to how the brain subconsciously views other parts of … Continue reading

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