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Summer Weddings Bring Summer Skin Needs

News writer for the AMA, Victoria Elliott, posted an article about a bride’s commitment to looking as beautiful as she can on her wedding day. According to Brian Lawrence of Local Traffic’s wedding industry website, “There’s definitely a lot of self-improvement when brides are planning their weddings. And there is tremendous motivation for a bride to look her best and feel her best.” Wedding expenses such as the reception, clothing, invitations, music, and the all-important wedding photos add up to … Continue reading

Intrinsic & Extrinsic Aging: Causes and Treatments

There are two main reasons that skin ages: genetic factors and environmental factors. Genetic factors are obvious—if you want to know how your skin will age, look closely at your parents. It’s likely that you will age approximately the same way at approximately the same age, minus premature aging factors that are due to the environment. What’s included in environmental aging factors? Smoking for one. Sun exposure is another. The way you take care of your skin is a third. … Continue reading


Thanks for visiting my new blog, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Naples. My goal is to keep my readers updated on all the new studies and interesting changes in the field of aesthetic improvements, including those for the face, breast, body and skin! Stay tuned for insights every Tuesday and Thursday! To your health and beauty, Dr. Kent Hasen

Summer Making you Sweat?

Did you know that Botox can be used as a mechanism to stop sweating? It’s true! Botox in the armpit lasts 6-7 months. You can use this for: Sweating hands Sweaty feet Under-arm sweating Think about this for weddings, presentations, special events or other needs! To your health & beauty, Dr. Kent Hasen

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