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Women in Their 40s May Benefit from Early Mammograms

According to the New York Times, a recent study has found that the breast cancer death rate can be cut down by 26% for women in their 40s by undergoing mammograms. The study conducted by Dr. Laszlo Tabar, professor of radiology at the University of Uppsala School of Medicine in Sweden, Dr. Stephen Duffy, an epidemiologist at University of London, and Hakan Jonsson, professor of cancer epidemiology at Umea University in Sweden. The study came about as a reaction to … Continue reading

Staying Slim After Body Sculpting

Patients often undergo body sculpting as a way to remove fat from different problem areas on their body. At my offices in Naples, FL, I offer tumescent liposuction or CoolSculpting by Zeltiq to patients for optimum results in fat reduction. Although both methods are very effective, patients often have the misconception that a healthy diet and exercise is not necessary following their procedure. Research shows that, following puberty, the number of fat cells in the body remains constant and no … Continue reading

New UK Registry to Make Cosmetic Injectables Safer

According to the UK News Reporter, stricter regulations on who can administer cosmetic injectables in Great Britain will be put in to place. The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) has created minimum standards for medical professionals wishing to inject popular cosmetics like Botox and Juvederm. While dermal fillers and botulinum toxin injections carry minimal side effects, treatment by an under qualified individual can lead to undesired results. IHAS reports that around 200,000 injectable treatments are performed every by 5,000 providers. … Continue reading

The Fine Line Between Skincare and Cosmetics

According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc., the global color cosmetics market is expected to reach $41.4 billion by 2015. Plastic Surgery Practice reports that main driver in growing cosmetic sales is the use of skincare components in makeup and related products. The color cosmetic industry is gaining power during the recession through innovation. Formulators are creating increasingly sophisticated cosmetics that offer the benefits of UV protection, anti-aging, moisturizing and long-lasting effects. The delineation between skincare and makeup is continuing to … Continue reading

Many Women Consider Post-Baby Plastic Surgery in UK

Plastic Surgery Practice reports that two out of five women would consider a “mommy makeover” related procedure following childbirth. The data, which was collected by a UK-based television show called My Face My Body, showed that 39% of women would consider plastic surgery after childbirth, while another 57% of women would even undergo surgery while still in the hospital following labor. According to the survey, the top body concerns for moms are as follows: •    Weight gain-34% •    Stretch marks-24% … Continue reading

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