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New, dissolvable nasal implants aid patients with deviated septum

If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from a deviated septum, this blog post should interest you. There’s a new polymer-based, resorbable plate that can be implanted into the nose as part of nasal surgery to repair deviated septums. According to the research, this is creating much better results. A study by Miriam Boenisch, MD, PhD, of Medicent Linz in Linz, Austria, and Gilbert J. Nolst Trenité, MD, PhD, of the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, 82% … Continue reading

What to do about a Broken Nose

Should you fracture your nose, as Cameron Diaz reportedly has done several times, the type of break often determines if rhinoplasty is required. If so, your surgeon must decide whether the procedure should be open, which is more invasive, or closed, which hides incisions within the nose. I most often perform open rhinoplasty so I can better visualize the complex anatomy of my patient’s nose.  Even with the open procedure, it’s extremely difficult to identify any incisions after healing has … Continue reading

Bra Bulge?

Have you ever gotten all dressed up in something sleeveless and noticed just before leaving the house that you have some strange bit of fat seeping out around your breasts, kinda reaching back toward your armpit? It’s known as the “bra bulge.” Sometimes called a side boob or armpit fat. None of the names are nice, unfortunately. The bra bulge isn’t something you can exercise away. If it were, then surely this famous tennis star wouldn’t have armpit fat. However, … Continue reading

Do breast implants hinder future breastfeeding?

Occasionally a patient will tell me that she’s nervous about getting breast implants because she hasn’t yet had children, and is afraid that breast implants might keep her from breastfeeding in the future. As a baseline, not every woman can breastfeed successfully regardless of whether she has breast implants or not.  In America, about 70% of women successfully breastfeed.  The same percentage has been found to be able to breastfeed after implants.  So, it is likely, but not guaranteed, that a … Continue reading

Local vs General Anesthesia for Cosmetic Procedures

Many patients prefer to have their procedures performed under local, rather than general, anesthesia. In my Naples, FL plastic surgery office, I’m not a fan of performing breast augmentation, facelift or abdominoplasty under local anesthesia; not because it cannot be done, but because it leads to unnecessary pain and suffering for the patients and because it makes the surgery more difficult, as the surgeon has to not only focus on the surgical procedure, but also focus on the patient’s comfort, … Continue reading

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