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Do breast implants hinder future breastfeeding?

Occasionally a patient will tell me that she’s nervous about getting breast implants because she hasn’t yet had children, and is afraid that breast implants might keep her from breastfeeding in the future. As a baseline, not every woman can breastfeed successfully regardless of whether she has breast implants or not.  In America, about 70% of women successfully breastfeed.  The same percentage has been found to be able to breastfeed after implants.  So, it is likely, but not guaranteed, that a … Continue reading

Local vs General Anesthesia for Cosmetic Procedures

Many patients prefer to have their procedures performed under local, rather than general, anesthesia. In my Naples, FL plastic surgery office, I’m not a fan of performing breast augmentation, facelift or abdominoplasty under local anesthesia; not because it cannot be done, but because it leads to unnecessary pain and suffering for the patients and because it makes the surgery more difficult, as the surgeon has to not only focus on the surgical procedure, but also focus on the patient’s comfort, … Continue reading

Computer Imaging: Almost like a crystal ball

One of the most popular parts of a cosmetic surgery consultation here in my Naples, Fl plastic surgery office is computer imaging, which gives my patients a digital prediction of what they could look like after the procedure. It’s a key tool in giving patients realistic expectations about their results. It’s also a way for both the surgeon and the patient to be sure they’re “watching the same movie,” that is, looking for the same result. You can see in … Continue reading

Dying for Liposuction

Something strange happened in Atlanta this past week. A woman having liposuction suddenly died during her procedure. What happened? Apparently she had a toxic level of local anesthetic. Did you know that too much local anesthetic can kill you? Most people don’t. They assume that, since they are awake with local anesthesia procedures, that they will “notice” if something isn’t right, long before it reaches the crisis stage. Apparently, the doctor involved is neither a general surgeon nor a plastic … Continue reading

Is Your Antidepressant Making You Look Older?

The website version of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal of the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) recently published a study conducted at Case Medical Center that reveals new factors that influence aging, specifically that make us appear older than we are. Based on a twin study of 186 pairs of identical twins who completed extensive questionnaires and submitted photos, the study shows that environmental factors and other lifestyle choices can influence one’s apparent age. While you may think … Continue reading

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