My Personal Experience With NeoGraft® Hair Restoration

Dr. Kent Hasen

Plastic surgeons are people too! Just like you, we have flaws, concerns, and worries about our personal appearances. When I started to notice the effects of male-pattern baldness on my own head, I knew I needed to seriously look into hair transplant options. Naples and Fort Myers patients may have already heard about the NeoGraft® technique. When it first came across my desk, I realized I had found not only my own hair loss solution, but one for hundreds of patients here in southwest Florida.

Besides the obvious outcome of having more hair, undergoing a NeoGraft transplant better equipped me to help my own patients. Being on the receiving end of an effective procedure like NeoGraft has enabled me to have an open dialogue with patients seeking the same treatment—I can share my own tangible results, and honestly answer questions about pain and downtime. (By the way, both were nearly nonexistent—I was back to work the next day!)

Since my procedure in June, I’ve been exceedingly happy with my results. By now, the hair from my donor site has had a chance to grow back, and I feel great about my natural-looking, youthful appearance. (And so does my wife!) As a surgeon, I’ve read proof of NeoGraft’s safety and effectiveness. But as a patient, I’ve seen the results firsthand—and I’d be happy to recommend it to anyone.

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