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A woman touches her stomach.

4 Questions You Should Ask During Your Tummy Tuck Consultation

Choosing to undergo a tummy tuck—or any other plastic surgery procedure—is a major decision. Our Fort Myers patients often want to make the most of their initial consultation by asking the “right” questions. While there are really no “wrong” questions to ask your surgeon, some discussion topics are more useful than others. If you are …

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How Soon After Pregnancy Can I Have a Mommy Makeover?

Most women know pregnancy can leave lasting physical changes, but many are still surprised by just how different their bodies look after having children. Exercise and healthy eating habits alone aren’t enough to lift saggy breasts or tighten stretched-out abdominal muscles. This is part of the reason mommy makeover surgery is so popular among Naples, …

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Can You Get BOTOX® While Pregnant?

Many women today use BOTOX as part of their regular beauty routine. If you are one of these women and have recently become pregnant, you may be curious whether you can continue your usual BOTOX treatments at my Naples medspa. Is using BOTOX while pregnant safe? Can it still provide consistent results, and will it …

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Answering Your Questions: What to Expect Before, During & After CoolSculpting® Elite

For many people at our med spa in Naples, CoolSculpting Elite is the first experience they have with the world of cosmetic treatments. It’s understandable to have lots of questions about what to expect. Having performed more than 1,000 CoolSculpting Elite procedures, I’ve developed an understanding of what most people want to know before the …

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What Is a ‘Ponytail Facelift’?

Every so often, a facelift technique with a catchy marketing name attracts enough interest that patients begin asking plastic surgeons if they offer the procedure. One of those generating some recent buzz online is the "Ponytail Facelift," a technique that involves using a device called an endoscope. Women and men considering a facelift in the …

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How to Know You’re Ready for a Facelift

Facelift surgery is known for rejuvenating the face and taking years off a patient’s appearance. However, due to cost and the required recovery time, some men and women feel nervous about committing to a major procedure. Many of our facelift patients from the Ft. Myers area ask a similar question: How do I know if …

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