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The look and feel of your body has an enormous impact on the quality of your life. By looking their best, many of Dr. Hasen's Fort Myers and Naples plastic surgery patients find that they have a renewed sense of confidence and the ability to participate in activities that not long before were off limits. Very simply, body contouring plastic surgery can dramatically change your life for the better.

For your body procedure, Dr. Hasen and his staff will provide a comforting environment where your safety and satisfaction are top priorities. To learn more about the surgery and meet with Dr. Hasen, request your consultationrequest your consultation today.

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Our Body Contouring Procedures

We offer the following procedures to help you shape and recontour your body:

  • Arm Lift
    Sagging upper arm skin can occur as we age or as a result of significant weight loss. If you have shapeless or drooping arms that won't firm up with exercise, arm lift can help you achieve a more toned arm appearance. An outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia, arm lift combines removal of excess skin with liposuction to reduce arm thickness.

  • Liposuction
    Many patients choose liposuction to achieve a more youthful and contoured body shape. By removing localized fat deposits that will not respond to exercise, Dr. Hasen can help his patients feel more comfortable in clothing and swimsuits. Depending on your exact procedure, surgical time can be between 2 to 4 hours at Dr. Hasen's accredited outpatient cosmetic surgery center, with either general or local anesthesia being used.

  • CoolSculpting®
    CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical body contouring procedure that uses controlled cooling to reduce fat deposits. Reduce diet and exercise-resistant fat deposits – without surgery, incisions, or downtime. It can be used on areas such as the tummy, love handles, back, arms and legs. The fat layer in the treated areas is typically reduced by about 20% to 25%.

  • SculpSure™
    Another non-surgical fat reduction treatment, SculpSure targets fat cells using controlled heat energy. This completely non-invasive service is effective at reducing fat by about 25% on the abdomen, flanks, and elsewhere – and treatments are quick and convenient.

  • Cellfina™
    This minimally invasive treatment destroys cellulite's very structure, releasing the bands of fibrous tissue that cause annoying, stubborn dimples on the thighs and buttocks. In most cases, a single treatment is all that's necessary to see significant, long-lasting improvement.

  • Labiaplasty
    You don't have to feel self-conscious any longer about the appearance or the laxity of your vaginal area. With cosmetic vaginal surgery options such as labiaplasty and vaginal tightening, you can enjoy a more comfortable and satisfying lifestyle. Find out why vaginal rejuvenation is gaining appeal.

  • Thigh Lift
    If you are unhappy with the appearance of your legs, thigh lift surgery can help you create a more youthful and flattering mid-body appearance. Hanging or folded skin around the inner thigh not only looks unattractive, it also can cause discomfort and other health problems. Through a combination of skin and fat removal, Dr. Hasen performs this procedure in several hours in his fully-accredited outpatient surgical suite using general anesthesia.

  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
    Good candidates generally have excess skin and fat tissue around their lower abdomen, as well as loose underlying muscles or stretch marks on the skin following pregnancy or significant weight loss. Tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, can be completed in about 3.5 hours at Dr. Hasen's outpatient cosmetic surgery center, with incisions placed low on the abdomen so that scars are concealed with underwear or a swimsuit bottom.

  • Brazilian Butt Lift
    Shapely derrières enhance a beautifully proportioned figure and look great in all types of clothes. A Brazilian butt lift not only adds curves to your rear, but it also contours other areas of the body where liposuction is performed to collect fat used in the buttock augmentation. It's truly a win-win.

  • Massive Weight Loss
    After massive weight loss, many people are often left with large amounts of drooping, loose skin on many parts of their bodies. To tighten and recontour this skin, plastic surgery is required for many weight loss patients. Your surgery will be tailored to your needs, though most people who have achieved significant weight loss need body recontouring in such areas as the stomach, hips and chest.

  • Mommy Makeover
    To restore a woman's pre-pregnancy body, Dr. Hasen can perform a Mommy Makeover, which combines breast and body contouring procedures into a single operation. Each patient's combination of procedures can be customized to suit her cosmetic needs. Performing all the procedures at once reduces overall cost and recovery time, and it helps mothers restore the positive self-image they deserve.

For more information on any of our Naples plastic surgery or medical spa services, request a consultationrequest a consultation or call (239) 262-5662 today.

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